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API SIRE Sample Questions | Free Practice Test

API SIRE Practice questions

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Free API SIRE Practice Questions
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Source Inspector is defined as an individual who is responsible for:

  • Examine fabricated and manufactured equipment and materials at a supplier’s facility
  • Confirm that the supplier’s quality management system is being utilized effectively

API SIRE – Source Inspector Rotating Equipment focuses primarily on Rotating Equipment such as pumps, gears, compressors, turbines and associated appurtenances.


There are four definite leads to help you understand what type of questions to expect during examination. These are:

  • API SIRE reference materials
  • Experience of other candidates who attempted the exam
  • Mock exam questions
  • Exam Score Report (showing the areas which you are scored against)



You are scored for your performance in the following areas during the examination.

Content AreaNumber of Questions
Basic Source Inspection19
Inspection Reference Documentation18
Manufacturing Process18
Inspection Tools and Equipment10
Methods of Examination19
Final Inspection and Testing16
Total Score100

You do not need to be an expert in NDT, coating and welding inspection, casting, materials and rotating equipment just need to have the basic knowledge. API examines your competency at basic level; therefore, you should not expect complicated questions.

Study the reference documents noted within the publication effectivitiy sheet from inspection point of view only, that is, what an inspector need to know. Most of reference documents have a dedicated section on inspection and this is where you need to focus.

The most important document is: Guide for Source Inspection and Quality Surveillance of Rotating Equipment which is available for free at API ICP website.


How the API SIRE exam questions developed? 

A question writing session is periodically conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), or individuals who specialize in pressure vessels, write questions from specific sections of the Code.  Each question is then checked by three other SME’s.


This validation exercise answers two questions;

  1. Is the question written clearly?
  2. Does the question cover knowledge that is important to a vessel inspector?

These questions then go into a question data-bank as non scored exam questions.


Presently there are over 500 questions in the data-bank and are grouped by topics.  For each examination, there are 110 questions on the exam pulled from “Content Area” (see table above). Only 100 Questions are scored. The remaining 10 are pre-test questions and not marked towards your score, that is, these pre-test questions do not affect your score whether you have answered them correctly or not. API does not tell you which ones these questions are.

API needs to ensure that these questions are not significantly challenged by the candidates and have also been answered by a reasonable number of candidates before adding them to their question bank as scored questions.




No Negative Marking

The pass mark is roughly 70% for all the API examinations. No negative marking is applied. Therefore, make sure that you have answered all the questions. At the end, click the ‘’review all’’ button and peruse through the list to ensure that you have not skipped any question. You can also check ‘’review incomplete questions’’ to ensure there is nothing on the list, that is, no question left unanswered.

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