Audit & Assessment

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Audit & Assessment

Depending on the criticality and complexity of the materials & equipment procured, the CLIENT may conduct out a pre-award audit or assessment of CONTRACTOR or VENDOR and any subcontractor.


The purpose of such assessment is to ensure that the CONTRACTOR & VENDOR (including his critical subcontractor) has the competence and capability for design, manufacturing and installation to successfully execute the CONTRACT requirements.


CLIENT may request the CONTRACTOR to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire in order to be included in the Approved Vendor List (AVL).


CONTRACTOR is normally required to complete and return the questionnaire to CLIENT as an element of the Invitation to Bid); Request for Quotation submission and evaluation process.


CLIENT may elect to conduct an audit or assessment of CONTRACTOR & VENDOR to validate the responses to the questionnaire prior to award of contract.


Critical sub-contractors and vendors should be audited by CONTRACTOR and the result of such audit may be available to the client.


CONTRACTOR shall also maintain an approved vendor list of his own subcontractors.


An agenda or Terms Of Reference (T O R) shall be provided to allow the CONTRACTOR to prepare for the audit.


Should any “Audit Findings” be identified by the Client representative during the course of the assessment, this may lead to further investigation.


Findings identified as a result of Client audits will be brought to the attention of the CONTRACTOR for satisfactory resolution, by way of Non Conformity Report (NCR), within an agreed Target Completion Date for implementation and closure.


The CONTRACTOR shall provide objective evidence to CLIENT in support of their closure of Corrective Actions.


Audits may also be conducted by CLIENT on critical CONTRACTORs. For example, when the equipment manufactured is critical, one off, long lead item, complex design or manufacturing.


CONTRACTOR shall provide appropriate support to the CLIENT to schedule and execute audits on critical subcontractor.


The Main CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for ensuring successful closure of any findings from such audits of critical subcontractor in a timely manner.

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