CPD Credit Hours & API Recertification

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Beginning 2023, ICP will include Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, as part of new recertification requirements for API 510, API 570, and API 653.


The new CPD requirements are in addition to existing recertification requirements for continued inspection experience and the Web Quiz required every 6-years or every other recertification.


You can try our free recertification quizzes in module 1 and 2 of all our courses.


Simply go to inspector-training.com; select the course and then go to “course content” and study our first and second module for free as well as try our free quizzes.


If you are recertifying for API 510, 570, or 653 in 2023, you need 8 CPD credit hours while recertifying in 2024, would require 16 CPD credit hours and for recertification in 2025, you would require 24 CPD.


All our API ICP Training courses has CPD credit Hours ranging from 24 to 60 CPD while our NDE  training courses has between 12to 40 CPD credit Hours.


CPD Carry Over

A Certificant that completes more than the required hours for a recertification period may carry over a maximum of 12 CPD hours to the next recertification period. For example, if you have bought our API 510 course  worth 60 CPD credit hours. You shall receive a certificate of achievement worth 60 CPD credit Hours that you can use 48 credit hours of it (that is, 16 credit hours for each API 510, 570, 653 for year 2024) and the remaining 12 CPD until 2027.


Industry Related Topics for CPD

Topics considered relevant by ICP must be directly related to fields of inspection and mechanical integrity assurance in the petroleum/petrochemical industry. API identified 46 related topics that also includes NDE courses. Therefore, you have the option of buying either our API or NDE courses in RT, UT, MT, PT and VT. In addition, you not only fulfil your CPD credit hours but also receive a certificate of completion attesting that you have successfully completed and passed the theory part of ASNT NDT Level II. You can get the full NDT level II certificate by attending a one day practical training and exam.

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