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Inspection Status Report

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ISR can be based on Procurement status report (PSR) with focus on inspection.

ISR is updated and turned around internally on weekly basis.

Information in a typical ISR can include all of the information in a typical PSR; plus:

  • Latest inspection visit
  • Latest Inspection Report Number.
  • Next Inspection Visit
  • Any Site Observation Report (SOR) & NCR
  • Tentative Dates for performance test or final test

Performance test for rotating equipment is aimed at measuring such parameters as speed, power, volume, and vibration.


The performance test for fixed equipment such as a pressure vessel or heat exchanger would normally be a pressure and leak test.


The performance test for a valve, would be pressure test, back pressure test and leak test.


Actuated valves would have additional tests such as torque and time required to open and close the valve under pressure.


The performance test for bulk material can be visual and traceability check and Mill Test Report review.


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