Why API Certification?

Certification is like a brand. It increases your confidence; brings you more professional respect; opens up a whole new set of job satisfaction; ensures that you are dealing with day to day activities in a systematic, logical and time tested manner and gives you a wider career opportunities, better job security with higher income.

Taking your Certification exam is a big commitment in terms of time and money.  The stakes are simply too high to fail.

Even if you fail;  you at least deserve to know what areas you were below the bar rather than being miles off the mark with all the frustration and disappointment that it may entail.

Based on your academic background and job experience, you need to decide which certification you need to go for. We shall be happy to help with career advice. book an appointment with one of our authorized inspectors.

@ www.inspector-training.com, we offer your e-learning courses in API 510, API 570, API 571, API 577, API 580, API 1169, API SIFE and API SIRE. These e-learning courses can be taken separately or in combination with our classroom trainings or virtual.

Our advisors are always happy to help. Simply talk to us via whatsup or tell us your career plan and enclose a copy of your CV : help@inspector-training.com 

How to get certified?

Getting certified is a scary business for many people and rightly so. It not only needs dedication, time and money but also ensuring that you are on the right track to pass the exam hopefully on your first attempt.

Even failure in exam should be a step forward towards your certification in the sense that it should show your week areas, despite your best effort rather than leave you confused and frustrated. 

You might want to consult with colleagues, check professional forums, think of buying a book, an e-learning course or attend classroom training.

Fortunately, there are quite a few solid facts to help you understand what to expect at exam day such as reference documents, body of knowledge (what they expect you to know) and exam score report showing the area you were being scored .

Regardless of which route you want to take or which e-learning or classroom training you opt for; these bench marks shall help you select the right path. 

So, it should make sense that you may plan your short and long term career growth considering your circumstances and get some professional advice combined by solid facts.

Obviously, you need to be aware of the job market in your geographical area and consider your own passion and interest when deciding which career path to pursue.

Remember, it needs patience, dedication and shall cost you time and money to achieve your dream job, but after all, your competency (knowledge, experience, and certification) is by far, your single most valuable asset as an individual. So, invest in yourself for a brighter future that you deserve.

Certification is a written testimony of your qualification. It is a brand. It precedes your reputation. 

The codes and standards are the bible in any job and project. Certification is simply a verification scheme demonstrating that you can interpret and apply them correctly.

The objective of any course shall be clear and result oriented, that is, it shall explicitly demonstrate what you will be learning at the end of the course rather than churning out some vague general statements and numbers. It shall be transparent and integrated rather than a jargon of information without any coherency.

Once you know what you should avoid, it is a good start to use it as bench mark against what you need to know.

Preparing for exam is nothing complicated; every certification body outlines the topics you need to cover (BoK) and the reference material (Publication Effectivity Sheet) that you may study in preparation for the exam. Using this information as a stepping stone, you can start collecting the reference material; highlight the relevant section and start cracking or you can choose our E-Learning course or Blended packages.


Our years of research and experience on training pitfalls have identified the following benchmarks:

Choosing the most suitable training route

If you are an experienced professional that has the basic knowledge but need that extra little help to succeed in API Certified Inspector Exam (API 510, 570, 653, 577, 580, 1169, SIFE, SIRE), then, the best and cheapest option would be an e-learning course to refresh your mind and strengthen your weak areas. These courses would give you the necessary competency to get that extra 20-30% of the marks you desperately need to pass the exam.

It is also a convenient way to have all the course material plus the sample review questions gathered in one set rather than spending considerable time looking for relevant and sometimes irrelevant documents, sort them out and then try to find out which parts you should study more intensely, which parts you should just peruse and which parts you could skip.  Remember, this is only possible if you compare the body of knowledge against the codes and recommended practices part numbers.

On top of that, our courses are designed by a group of experienced course editors and instructors who are also qualified academically as well as certificated. So, you are hearing from people who have actually been there and watched the movie rather than listening to hearsay and gossips.

Our E-learning course materials practice and mock exam questions; power point presentations, video clips, flash cards  and cue cards are aimed at testing your comprehension of topics; the same way API tests your competencies during the exam.

Remember:  the trick is to understand rather than to memorize.

We shall explain through review questions as why a particular answer is right and the rest are not, even though they may be a valid statement.  We shall also provide you with an online support if you have a particular query or need further explanation.

Answering your query and clearing your ambiguity also helps us to constantly review and improve our course material to ensure that the topics are adequately covered and easy to understand. The limited number of queries asked by our candidates, shows how clear and ‘’easy to understand’’ our courses are. After all, as the number of queries and questions decreases, it is a good indication that our courses are more self explanatory and less ambiguous. 

We are so confident of our approach verified by many successful stories of our trainees that we also offer to give you an additional free access to our e- learning course for those individuals who fail the examination that fortunately has not happened so far.

Your failure is deemed as our failure and we shall investigate any exam failure in order to understand the root cause and double check whether the course material itself was partly responsible for your failure or whether it was due to your sheer unfortunate circumstances. After all, our repeated business is mostly due to recommendations made by our successful trainees or spread by word of mouth within the industry.

If you have purchased our E-Learning package and later on decide to opt for the Blended package (e-learning plus classroom training), we shall deduct the e-learning fees as a goodwill gesture.


 Our Blended Packages (Classroom + E-Learning)

If you are a professional who needs Blended training to significantly increase your chances of passing a particular exam, then, we offer a package that comes with e-learning course combined with classroom training.

You can have access our e-learning up to 6 Months before the classroom training. We shall also help you register for examination, if needed.

The classroom training consists of covering the syllabus or body of knowledge; clarifying any confusion or ambiguity the trainees may have and solve selective review questions.  You also have the chance to discuss any areas with our expert instructors during the classroom.

One of our course instructors can also be assigned to you, so you can also avail our personalized one to one services for an additional fee.

Our Bespoke or tailor made Courses for companies

We offer bespoke courses that are not leading to certifications, but are equally important for career growth. These courses are specifically designed for companies who wish to update their most valuable front line asset, that is, their managers, engineers and inspectors.

We also offer tailor made courses to best suit your company or project specific needs.

Please contact us at help@inspector-training.com and let us know what you need.

We shall carry a gap analysis and then present you with our list of recommended course outlines by mix and match of our available course modules.