Benefits of API Certification

Write your future yourself or others will do it for you

What’s your plan for your future?

Do you have a short and long term plan for your career?

Do you have a long term plan for your single most important asset, that is, your employees?

Where do you want to be in the next 2-5 years?

Have there been times when you wished you were certified  because you missed a lucrative job opportunity even though you were more competent than the guy who got the job simply because he/she had the required certificate?

Remember you might be a genius in your job like Schumacher in Formula 1 racing, but you need a driving license in order to drive; same as you need certification in order to be recognized in the industry and bag the lucrative dream jobs.

Taking your Certification exam is a big commitment of time and resources.  The stakes to obtain your credentials are too high to waste valuable time and money.

How difficult it is to get certified?

Getting certified is a scary business for many people and rightly so. It not only needs dedication, time and money but also ensuring that you are at the right track to pass the exam by first attempt.

You might encounter some negative people that try to dissuade and scare you or on the contrary, give you false confidence and by the time you register, pay and attend the examination; only then, you realize that you are miles away from passing the exam despite all the effort, time and money you have put in. So, it stands to reason that you plan your short and long term career growth considering your circumstance and get some professional advice. At we are always happy to help and advise you free of charge. Simply send us a copy of your resume and we shall recommend you the most suitable certifications based on your education and experience. Obviously, you need to be aware of the job market in your geographical area and consider your own interest when finally deciding which career path to pursue.

Remember, it needs patience, dedication and shall cost you money to achieve your dream job but after all, you are the most valuable asset to yourself. So, invest in yourself for a bright future. 

Your knowledge and qualifications are the most important assets that shall be the deciding factors for a faster career growth and also better income. Certification is like a brand. It increases your confidence, ensures that you are dealing with day to day activities in a systematic, logical and time tested manner and a much wider option of working for the best companies in the world who can pay you for what you are worth and more importantly retain you.

Benefits of Certification

Confidence, respect, career growth, higher income

All the successful and globally dominating companies have at least one thing in common: They employ the most competent people because they truly understand that human resources are their single most important asset. It is the company’s human resources that make them competitive, enable them to realize their objective and to continue dominating the market.

These companies invariably have also a high employee retention rate because they can afford to pay top price and invest in their employees.

There are other companies who look for cheapest work force and the adage ‘’ you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’’ is the epitome of such companies. These companies repeatedly pay a heavy price for wastage of resources and typically have low personnel retention rate.

Invest in yourself, it will repay you more than tenfold over the time plus you shall have the job satisfaction, being an invaluable asset of any company you work for. You shall also have a much wider option pursuing your dream job while having an unfair advantage over other job applicants with similar experience.

Certification is a written testimony of your qualification. It is a brand. It precedes your reputation. 

Remember, Certification is a privilege not a right, although some certified individuals think so. For example, simply because you are a certified API inspector or an NDT level III, does not gives one the right to dismiss a comment or opinion made by others who do not possess such qualification.

The codes and standards are the bible in any job and project.

Certification is simply a verification scheme that you can interpret them correctly.

How to start? Which Training course is good enough?

Taking the most expensive or the cheapest available course is not the answer but what these courses have to offer and whether a specific training can cover your weak points and clear your ambiguities especially on high marking topics that eventually decide the outcome of your exam. 

There are currently several private training centers and e-learning courses across the globe. Unfortunately, until you don’t purchase the e-learning package or attend their classes, you have little idea how good they are. Even if their testimonials are true, it is not conclusive.

So, there is a high risk of paying the money for an e-learning course; or worse for a classroom training and on top of that receive a bunch of misleading information that on most cases, add little value to your knowledge or towards your preparation for the exam. 

Duration of being in business; Training companies claimed pass rate or number of people they have trained seems to be good indications, but unfortunately, quite a few of these training providers seem to be frozen in time.


The most common indications of such training providers being:

You shall find all this out once you have attended the examination and by that time, it is too late.  You wished, you had spent the time reading the reference study materials rather than memorizing their review questions that ended in a total waste of time and money. 


The objective of any course shall be realistic, that is, it shall explicitly say what you will be learning at the end of the course rather than churning out some vague general statements. It shall be very transparent and integrated and based on some concrete assumptions.


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