Criticality rating of packages

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Each package is assigned a criticality rating; ranging from 1 through 4, with criticality ‘’1’’ being the highest.


There are several factors for assigning the criticality rating but the most important ones for assigning high criticality rating,  would be:

  • Whether the package is long lead, one off item or crucial for success of project
  • Design and manufacturing complexity of project


Obviously off the shelf, simple design, low price, less important packages and materials would have lover criticalities (“3” or “4”). The higher the criticality rating, the more the expediting, inspection and engineering surveillance efforts.


As you can see, the criticality of a package mainly depends on price, the criticality of on time delivery (from procurement and expediting perspectives); engineering and manufacturing complexity (from engineering and quality perspectives). Therefore, all client’s package  team members should be involved when assigning criticality.


However, when only a single parameter such as manufacturing complexity is used to determine the package criticality, then, quality engineer would be the sole person assigning the criticality number.


Some companies have a guidelines for assigning criticality (or a table showing type of equipment versus criticality number) while other companies have a point based system where all the marks from procurement, quality and engineering is added up while each criticality number has a range, so, the criticality is determined depending on which range, the total rating of the package falls.


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