Inspection Coordination

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For each assignment, prepare an inspection pack that as a minimum would consist of:

  • Notification of Inspection (NOI),
  • Purchase Order,
  • Inspection and Test Plan,
  • approved and relevant QC Procedures,
  • inspection reporting template,
  • NCR and punch list forms,
  • and any special instruction.



Ensure the inspector would give you the result of inspection via text, email, call before leaving supplier’s premises especially if there is a problem such as potential NCR, a Site Observation Report (S O R); supplier working to wrong revision of documents, inspector gone for packing visit but it is all packed, out of tolerance during dimensional check, failed test, etc.


 In such situations, package quality engineer shall talk with supplier and agree on subsequent action. 


Review inspection report for completeness.


Inspection report shall be treated as standalone document, this means, it shall be precise, cover all areas of inspection intended, identify area of concern if any and have the test reports and examination records attached.


Resolve issues with the supplier’s quality representative otherwise escalate it to the package level during weekly telecom with supplier’s project manager.


Always insist on NCR to be issued by the supplier as they will be the responsible entity to close. This would eliminate the burden of closure from the client’s package quality engineer.


Create a folder for each package for retaining all the inspection reports.


Turn around the report between the package team members and any other individuals as instructed.


Prepare an inspection schedule or inspection look ahead for each package and share it with the lead inspector, supplier, buyer and engineer. This would ensure that all relevant personnel know about future approximate inspection dates.


Prepare an inspection register preferably in an excel format so that it can be filtered by the inspector, supplier, date, etc.


The inspection register can be updated chronologically as and when inspection visits for various packages done.


Prepare a Quality Status Report (QSR) that can work as a surveillance dashboard for the project;  and update it on weekly basis.

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