Inspection of Material

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Means confirming  that  the  construction  materials  proposed  are  the  actual  materials  used  during construction is a typical inspection activity.

The inspector should:

  • Confirm the correct material type and grade.
  • Confirm the origin of the material.
  • Check material size and thickness.
  • Verify traceability of the material to a certifying document.
  • Check material chemical and mechanical properties against contractual documents.
  • Check for evidence of specified heat treatment.
  • Use P M I (positive Material Identification) for exotic alloy steel to ensure that correct material is used in manufacturing.


The  Inspector should  be  aware  of  the  potential  for  counterfeit  materials and documents  slipping  into  the supply chain.

Key issues to watch; include:

  • Generic documentation which is not product specific
  • Material or equipment containing minimal or no documentation
  • Markings or logos that are questionable or obliterated
  • Items that have inconsistent appearance
  • Documents that have been altered
  • Items that lack material traceability or product certification
  • A S M E or A S T M stampings that may have been counterfeited


Mill Test Report that  have  been  modified,  corrected,  or  altered  should  be  cause  for immediate  rejection  as  these  could  indicate  the  potential  for  the  material  or  component  being counterfeit material.


All MTRs must be legible.


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