Inspection Report

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Inspection  reports shall be written on a template in order to standardize the reporting system. Such form normally has sections for vendor details, reference document (QC procedures, drawings and specially); description of what activity was witnessed or inspected and the result; any NCR issued; any safety issues observed and the like. Normally, examination and test reports are attached to the inspection report. Remember to treat an inspection report as a stand -alone report, that is, the report shall be concise yet detailed enough without any ambiguity.


Report Writing is a key deliverable of inspection. Inspector should issue inspection  reports  detailing  the documents  reviewed,  inspection  activity  performed,  observed  and/or  witnessed  during  the  source inspection visits in a progressive manner. The  report  is  normally  on  a  standard  format,  and  follows  a  consistent  approach  specified by the purchaser.

Inspection  report normally includes the following information:

  • Date of visit
  • contract number and key information such a package name, equipment serial number, name of supplier, location
  • Purpose of visit
  • areas of concern
  • Results of inspection/surveillance
  • Reference drawings/document/data used and revision number
  • ITP activity number
  • Any NCR, SOR, deviation

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