Packing & Storage

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Fixed equipment is normally packed for outdoor storage of one year or as agreed with the purchaser.


Rotating equipment should have package suitable for outdoor storage without maintenance for a period of six months or as agreed with purchaser.


Some equipment can only packed for indoor storage and still some equipment should be stored under controlled temperature and humidity, for example, electrical equipment, electrical dashboards and the like.


Packages normally have desiccants to reduce the moisture level that could corrode the components  while Some equipment are shrink wrapped to avoid corrosion and ingress of contaminants.


Some equipment is added with anti corrosive agents for protecting internals; spools and flanges may be protected by oil and protected by a cap to avoid damages to the flange face.


Equipment shall be secured within the packaging.


Lifting lugs shall be clearly marked.


Directional arrow on the box shows the side package shall rest upward.


IOM and storage procedure shall be part of the dispatch dossier.


Equipment shall have a designated storage area within the site and shall not be frequently moved around until installed.


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