Project Quality Plan (PQP)

Project Quality Plan

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Project Quality Plan (PQP) is normally required for criticality “1” packages. It is based on ISO 10005 Quality management — Guidelines for quality plans. It would have the same requirements as ISO 9001 QMS but intended for implementation at project level.

A Project Quality Plan typically includes:

∙         Key Personnel and their responsibilities

∙         Contract review to ensure supplier has sufficient resources in terms of manpower, know how, infrastructure to do the job

∙         Design control (input, output, verification, validation)

∙         Document  and data control (revision & numbering for traceability while archiving outdated documents)

∙         Purchasing (subcontractor for services and raw material, ensure controls in place)

∙         Control  of customer-supplied product (free issued material supplied by the purchaser/client if any, traceability, proper storage, quarantine non conforming product and ask the client for disposition)

∙         Product  identification and traceability (including raw material traceability and marking)

∙         Process control (QC procedures such as NDE examination procedure, test procedures, WPS, function test procedure, pressure test procedure)

∙         Inspection and testing (reflected within package Inspection and Test Plan)

∙         Control of inspection, measuring and  test equipment(Calibration program includes calibration procedures, register, test reports & certificates)

∙         Inspection and test status (Test reports, mill test report, test records)

∙         Control  of nonconforming product (NCR Procedure, register and reports)

∙         Corrective  and preventive action (normally addressed within NCR reports)

∙         Handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery (addressed within packing and shipping procedure, lifting plan for heavy components or equipment normally over 2000 kg. (if needed) )

∙         Control  of quality records (reflected within MRB/MDB or manufacturer record book and it’s index)

∙         Auditing (Audit procedure, audit schedule, audit findings and follow up)

∙         Training (supplier to demonstrate how he ensures his personnel and subcontractors have the required qualification, training and competency, evidence would be the training matrix, qualification record, experience record).


Project Quality Plan - PQP

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