Criticality rating of packages

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Each package is assigned a criticality rating; ranging from 1 through 4, with criticality ‘’1’’ being the highest.


There are several factors for assigning the criticality rating but the most important ones are:

  • Whether the package is long lead, one off item or crucial for success of project
  • Design and manufacturing complexity of project.


Obviously off the shelf, simple design, low price, less important packages and materials would have lower criticalities ( “3” or “4”).

The higher the criticality rating, the more the expediting, inspection and engineering surveillance efforts.

As you can see, the criticality of a package depends on price, the criticality of on time delivery (from procurement and expediting perspectives); engineering and manufacturing complexity (from engineering and quality perspectives).


Therefore, all package  team members should be involved when assigning criticality.


Some companies have a guideline for assigning criticality (or a table showing type of equipment versus criticality number) while other companies have a point based system where all the marks from procurement, quality and engineering is added up while each criticality number has a range, so, the criticality is determined depending on which range, the total score of the package falls.


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