Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM)

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PIM also called Pre-production Meeting (PPM) is normally held , 2-4 weeks after the kick off meeting or 2 weeks after submission of critical quality documents.  


It is advisable to hold the PIM after one cycle of critical document review in order to have a more effective and meaningful meeting. This is to allow supplier to incorporate the comments made by the client on the quality plan and inspection and test plan).


The PIM is chaired by quality engineer and supported by the package engineer, buyer, and document controller.


It is recommended to have a PIM template, tailor make it to the specific package by  fill in as much as possible and requesting the supplier to fill in the remaining information as much as possible so that the PIM can proceed smoothly and effectively with the least number of unresolved issues.


 It is always a good practice to turn around the meeting agenda as well as the drafted PIM  so all relevant parties are on the same page.


The intention of PIM is:

  • ensure supplier has sufficient quality management system and qualified quality personnel.
  • finalize the ITP (QC activities, intervention points).
  • finalize the Quality Plan.
  • ensure the supplier personnel understand the quality and certification requirements.
  • ensure QC procedures are approved prior to examination and test
  • introduce the lead inspector.
  • review fabrication plan and key examination and test phases.
  • ensure supplier has the capacity to fabricate, test and deliver the equipment on time.
  • understand subcontracted manufacturing , examination and testing activities (part manufacturer, NDE examination, materials).
  • Whether Authorized Inspector (AI) involvement is required for certification.
  • debottleneck any outstanding issue (design, drawing, WPS, etc.)


The PIM is normally held at vendor premises and concluded with a tour of facilities.


Outstanding issues shall be transferred to the weekly supplier meeting agenda. (normally held via telecom).


For smaller packages, the Kick off Meeting (KOM) and PIM may be combined together and therefore completed in a single meeting.


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